Sand Pouring Ceremony Decanter Set

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About our Sand Pouring Ceremony Decanter Set. This 4 piece sand pouring ceremony kit includes three small 5.0" tall decanters (holds 8 oz of sand each), a larger 5.75 " tall keepsake decanter (holds 13.5 oz of sand), corks and paper funnel. Each small decanter represents bride, groom and officiant or children of the couple; sand from small decanters is blended into larger decanter during ceremony.

Please Note:
Sand sold separately. This 4 piece set is no longer available personalized as pictured, however, you may take the bottles in the set to any local jeweler for personalization - not included in our price. Additional small decanters are available for $14.95 each. Please call customer service to add to your order.

How the Blending Ceremony Works:
To reflect the joining and blending of two lives into one, it is suggested to fill one cylinder with white sand to represent the couples spiritual foundation and to fill the other two cylinders each with a different colored sand to represent the individuals. During the ceremony each color is poured into the tall cylinder one by one (usually the celebrant adds the white sand first) and then all three are added together at the top to symbolize the union.

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