CBD, or cannabidiol, can help you transition from being a nicotine addict to a non-smoker. Several studies confirm this, with recent ones showing a close relationship between reduced smoking and CBD vape oil users. You can purchase cbd vape oil from senseicbdoil.com here.

In one remarkable study, a total of 12 smokers were divided into two equal groups. One group was given CBD oil. They were to inhale it whenever the urge to smoke came up. The other group-the control group-received a placebo to use every time they felt like smoking. None of the participants in each group was aware if the substance they were using was CBD or a placebo.

Surprisingly, the group using CBD reported a significant decrease in the number of cigarettes smoked within the time of the study-up to 40% cigarettes less. What’s more, the effect was evident even after the study; it remained for one week more. The other group reported no noticeable changes in their smoking habits.

How CBD Helps You Quit Smoking

Researchers believe that CBD oil helps smokers quit the habit by its ability to reduce anxiety. As smokers will tell you, stressful situations are what usually prompt them to reach out for a cigarette. The brain has a way of remembering the soothing effect of smoking, and this is what brings about the addiction. By relieving anxiety, CBD oil helps you to become a non-smoker easily.

CBD is Safe

Unlike marijuana extracts, CBD doesn’t contain high amounts of THC. Therefore, taking it won’t make you high. It isn’t addictive, too, and you can use it without worry. The oil is also a pain reliever.

How to Take CBD

CBD can be taken in a number of ways which include inhaling, ingesting alongside food, in gums and more. But the most popular method for smokers trying to stop smoking is by vaping. Vaping has two advantages. First, it mimics the physical act of smokers, so you still get the feel, helping you transition smoothly. Two, vaping turns CBD into vapor, a safe way to inhale CBD.

The use of CBD is an effective and safe way to quit smoking. You won’t get high on it, and it isn’t addictive to cause you another problem. You only need a vaporizer, and CBD vape oil to start your journey of breaking free from your addiction to cigarettes.