Go Stylish: Grab a Steampunk Wedding outfit with Steampunk Sunglasses!

There are some important ideas you should know before picking your steampunk wedding planner It is not just about going to a shop and taking any cloth and other wedding facilities. You have to plan and seek the relevant advice before going to buy. There is the color combination that should be matched, the material of the wedding outfit and even the color and design of the cakes and other important decorations should be planned. Below is a guide on how to pick the best outfit for a steampunk wedding:

1. Seek Advice From Professionals Who Knows About Wedding Outfits 

These are the people who have been planning weddings before. They are professionals, and therefore they know the best outfit for you. Just consult and ask them to give you some of the best outfits they know. When you have them all, choose the best for you and even ask such professionals to guide you based on several factors such as your height, the skin color and other aspects.

2. Be Careful When Choosing Color To Avoid Color Clashing 

Several people are associated with the bridal party, and they usually have different colors. There are the best mates, the masters of the ceremony, the parents of the bridal party, and other talented people. You have to choose matching colors for all of them to make the whole event successful. Choose your best color that matches the color of your skin, then ensure that it does not represent color clash with the color of the best mates’ cloths. Even the cake should have a matching color. This is important, and in case you have problems choosing the right color, seeks advice from the experts.

3. Visit The Store And Avoid Shopping Online 

When picking steampunk wedding outfit, you have to visit the store and have a look at your clothes. There are online stores, but you will not be able to get the right size if you do not visit there physically. In fact, it is advisable that you go with someone who knows about such clothes and chooses the best that fits your body size, you can check out sunglasses here: steampunk sunglasses for sale

4. Stick To Your Budget 

The importance of sticking to your budget is that you will be able to buy everything you had budgeted. This can avoid the instances where you avoid some important small things because you do not have enough money. Do a prior research to ensure that you gather enough money and when shopping, stick to your budget. Do not be swayed by fashions to change your mind to other expensive outfits.

How To Plan A Beach Wedding

You might have the perfect beach in mind or perhaps you just want a beach wedding because you are guaranteed a longer honeymoon with sun, sea, sand and stunning sunsets; but whatever the reason beach weddings are incredibly romantic and can take you anywhere in the world. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the Mediterranean heat of Greece or you’d prefer tropical Tahiti or Mauritius there are plenty of beaches and ways to create the wedding of your dreams.


When you’re trying to decided where best to go for your beach wedding first and foremost it has to be a beach you that has memories for you as a couple or alternately it is a beach that promises to delivered the wedding day of your dreams. If the location is familiar to you and it is a beach close to home it may be easier to have a hand in the preparation. Revisit the beach and look for places to have the reception; is there a beach side restaurant ideal for your reception or an area suitable for your marquee? If you would prefer a tropical beach far far away, make sure you do you research. If you don’t plan to visit before the big day, ensure you get a wedding organizer that you trust and ask them to send you photos if necessary.

Before you book

Create your own personal checklist. It’s an important thing to do for any wedding but even more important if you are planning from afar. How long will the service be? If you plan to say your vows on the sand as the sunsets is your beach in the correct position? Another important point to planning a beach wedding is ensuring you have the correct papers and permits in advance of the big day. After all your planning and preparation you don’t want to arrive in paradise to a headache of administration. Be sure to be clear in your expectations and list exactly what you want, then send it to the agents and get a confirmation before you book.


Whether you want to have a formal western ceremony or a service inspired by local traditions be prepared to have all sorts of options. It is worth remembering that your ceremony time will depend on the tides and avoiding the most intense heat of the day.

Sandals one of the most well known all inclusive beach wedding companies offers luxury beach weddings all over the world. You can expect a dedicated consultant in a number of picturesque locations, photos reception cake and licenses all taken care of.


Choose a dress that is suitable for your beach wedding is a little different to the traditional church gown. When you are shopping around look for light weight and non clingy fabrics that keep their shape, avoid making you sweat and can withstand creasing. Experiment with the length of your dress in an effort to keep cool and show off your tan and remember if you are standing close to the surf and on the sands longer dresses will undoubtedly get covered. For watches, check out -> Best Smart Watches for Weddings – Wearable Tech For 2018

The Destination

Decide how big you intend your wedding to be and whether this suits the location. Also it is worth remembering that not everyone will be able or willing to travel to an exotic location. Also think of the practicalities of where you intend to have the wedding, are there toilets on your deserted paradise island? You may need someone to help you with the area and setting of your wedding. M Squared does landscape gardening, check out their website here for more information.

The Weather

Having a beach wedding one of the major attractions has to be the sun. Do a bit of research to find the best times for sun. It might be better to avoid the peak summer months so that you can enjoy the sun but not sweat it out. Your local wedding planner can also advise the best time of day to enjoy the best of everything. What‘s more it is worth considering having an indoor wedding venue option in case it should rain.

Planning Your Wedding Budget

Money is the primary thing that married couples feud over. But do you realize that the pressure surrounding money starts long before the joyous couple say “I do”. Wedding costs can quickly spiral out of control which is why it’s so crucial to begin the planning by creating a realistic, and manageable budget.

Newly-engaged couples must talk about how each envisions his and her special day. Women work on the assumption that guys don’t care about the details but that’s not always true. It is, after all, the man’s big day too, and he has a family to please as well.

Once the excitement of the engagement wears off, go somewhere quiet and talk about what’s significant to each of you in regards to your wedding day. Listening to your partner’s viewpoint is as vital as talking so be certain to do both. Then, put together a list of what you both wish (to arrive in a horse-drawn coach, lobster, renaissance theme, color scheme, etc.) and what are absolute necessities (for instance a photographer, caterer, wedding attire, rings, etc.). You’re going to use this information when it’s time to allocate your budget.

Once you both have an idea of what’s important, it’s time to crunch the numbers. You’ve got to decide how much money is available now (for instance, in savings accounts, stocks/bonds, real estate, trust funds), how much you’ll have to commit to saving from your ordinary income streams, and how much you can realistically anticipate others to kick in. Depending on how far out the actual wedding date is you may wish to contemplate opening a higher-interest bearing account for the money so that it can earn interest.

When considering what others may be able to put towards the occasion it’s really important that you don’t make unreasonable demands. Take whatever others are willing to bestow graciously and try not to belabor the issue. Getting angry or disheartened in the amounts you are being given isn’t a very mature way of handling the situation.

When you know where the money’s coming from and how much is coming, you’ll know how much you’ll be able to spend. Now make another register of all wedding-related expenses and apportion a dollar amount or the percentage you’re willing to spend next to each item. This will help when you’re actually contracting for these services. Bear in mind that if you go beyond your budgeted amount in one category, you’ll have to scale back another so your budget will stay balanced. Because budgeting is so very critical for most couples, you’ll discover that wedding budget worksheets, software and other tools are available everywhere, so go find one and start using it right now!

Wedding Dress Preservation Guide – Stop Smoking Pot at your Wedding!

You chose the perfect dress and now it comes attached with fantastic memories of your wedding day. Read our guide about how best to preserve your dress so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Your wedding dress is a really sentimental item and means a lot to any bride. Whether you paid a small fortune for it or it was passed down to you by your mother, it deserves your care and attention so that it can be admired and preserved for years to come.


After having had the wedding ceremony, it´s to be expected that your dress will be in need to a professional clean. It may also need small repairs. Address all of these issues as soon as you arrive home from your honeymoon or maybe you can ask your Maid of Honor to take care of it before then. The sooner you have it professionally cleaned – the sooner you can get it packed away from further damage.


You may have space in your wardrobe or perhaps you´d prefer to store you dress in a box. Decide which is more suitable for you. Bear in mind that hanging will avoid the dress getting creased; although this may not be a huge problem unless you plan to wear the dress at short notice. Acid free tissue paper is ideal for covering and protecting your dress.


If you´re storing your dress in a box, lay it in hem first with tissue paper fold between each crease. Stuff the inside of the bodice and sleeves with tissue. Put a layer of tissue on the top before you close the lid. If you are hanging your dress buy a special hanger with padding and place it in a cloth garment bag in a cool dry wardrobe.

Make a Visit

Don´t forget about your dress, make sure you get it out annually to ensure that it still looks as fresh as the day you wore it. Enjoy the memories and make sure you get any problems dealt with by a professional.

Smoking Marijuana

If you are looking to smoke weed at your wedding then look no more. We have some great resources which could be somewhere to look into if you are struggling. There’s the How to Quit Smoking Weed Everyday Blog and there is another blog with lots of stop weed information. Our aim on this website is to help people and smoking marijuana is not a great route to take when you are getting married.